Ideas For Selecting the Grit of Diamonds For Diamond Instruments

Basic talking, diamond instruments with coarse diamond grit have excessive processing effectivity, however will even result in excessive processing roughness; those with advantageous diamond grit are the alternative. Underneath the premise of satisfying the roughness necessities, we must always select a coarser grit to enhance processing effectivity.

Completely different bonds of diamond instruments have completely different maintain capacities to the diamonds. For a sure bond, there’s a finest grit vary. Usually, the perfect grit for resin bond is finer than 100/120, ceramics bond is 100/120 – 170/200, and steel bond is 70/80 – 230/270.

There are additionally many different factors we must always think about Universal Cutter Grinder:

1) The character of the workpiece:

  • If the workpiece is of excessive hardness, coarser grit diamonds must be chosen to cut back the warmth generated within the slicing/grinding course of and to enhance the cooling situations.
  • If the workpiece is skinny, coarser grit must be chosen, for skinny workpieces are topic to being deformed by the warmth.
  • If the workpiece has good scalability, coarser grit can stop or scale back the blocks on the device’s floor.

2) The contact space between the diamond device and the workpiece: When the contact space is broad, a coarser grit must be chosen to cut back friction and warmth.

three) In profile grinding, finer grit must be chosen to maintain the type of the diamond device’s working half.

four) The use quantity of the device and operation situations also needs to be taken under consideration.

The diamond grit will not be the one issue to affect the processing high quality and effectivity. The roughness of the work piece’s floor is beneath the mixed results of diamond grit, quantity of grinding, and particularly the grinding depth, operation expertise and the efficiency of the grinding machine.

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